Your data is the most valuable asset for your business

Having your customer data in the right tools at the right time is priceless.

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Features Included

  • Up to 1 destination

  • Unlimited destination fields

  • SSO with Google



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Features Included

  • Up to 8 destinations.

  • Unlimited destination fields

  • SSO with Google

  • 24hours uptime SLA and priority support


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Features Included

  • Custom number of destinations

  • Unlimited destination fields

  • SSO with Google + Other SSO, Roles, Permissions & Access Control

  • 24hours uptime SLA and priority support

  • Custom destination support

Castled for Startups

If you work for a startup, you might be eligible for up to 90% off through the Castled for startup Program.

Why choose Castled?

Leading data platform built by leaders in the data engineering space with security, reliability and ease of use at the core of its design. We understand the pain of data integration.

Accelerate your data syncs

Castled is the fastest tool that helps you cut down on the time of data syncs from hours to minutes. Empower your business teams with the right data at the right time.

Warehouse-centric architecture

Adopt a modern data stack with your data warehouse as the source of truth for your business operations. Castled helps to bridge the gap in data coherence across various business units within your organization with a warehouse-centric architecture.

Support team that you can rely on

Our support team is always on standby to assist you and has expertise in understanding your goals and problems and constantly working towards how you can get the best out of our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our support team is available 24/7 at your service to help you with your queries. Ping us on Intercom or shoot us a mail at

You can buy annual or monthly plans. Feel free to reach out if you want us to walk you through our pricing plans.

Yes! You can get started for free and create pipelines to see Castled in action.

We are currently ramping up on our list of supported destination integrations. Reach out to us at to support a specific destination. Meanwhile, we have a catch-all REST API destination, which allows you to send data to any destination that speaks REST API, another option you can quickly check out.

Yes, you can ask about the solution or clear your questions even on a free trial. You can ping us on Intercom or sent out an email to