Data driven growth for your company

Sync customer and product data in your data warehouse into marketing, sales, or customer success tools without any help from engineering teams.

Empower your business teams using technology

Marketing, sales and customer success are the most crucial aspects of your business. Supercharge your business apps with customer data from your data warehouse.

Personalized Campaigns

Personalized email / SMS campaigns

Personalize your marketing campaigns by getting all information of your customer into your marketing tool. Increase response rates.

Prioritize Leads

Prioritize high value leads by lead scoring

Calculate custom lead scores on your warehouse based on your user data and sync it into your CRM.

Prevent Churn

Proactively monitoring usage and prevent churn

Use your product usage data and metrics to identify customers at risk. Take best actions on customers who are not using important features of your product.

Eliminate Data Silos

Move away from traditional CDPs

Your data warehouse should be the single source of truth for customer data. Avoid duplicate data storage in proprietary CDP systems and save cost.