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Create complex customer journeys and personalised engagement campaigns using customer data locked securely in your data warehouse.

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Data-driven cross channel orchestration powered by your data warehouse

Create the most effective user segments using our visual audience builder to run your dream cross-channel campaigns. Integrate effortlessly with other tools in your marketing ecosystem.

Legacy platforms fall short
for the modern marketer

The modern marketer leaves no stone unturned to create the best experience for their customers. Legacy platforms with all their inherent limitations simply fail to meet the demands of the modern marketer.


Incomplete Customer Data

Your customer data is scattered across 50+ data silos including databases, ad platforms and analytics tools in addition to digital touch points like websites & mobile apps.

Legacy Customer Engagement Platforms typically house only 10-15% of your complete customer data, which is insufficient to create a personalised customer experience.


Data Volume Based Pricing

Legacy platforms penalise you for expanding your customer base by charging you based on the volume of data stored with them — MAUs or number of events.

The ROI of these platforms begins to decline once you surpass initial growth thresholds, ultimately leading to a point where developing an in-house solution becomes the only viable option.


Irreversible Vendor Lockin

Legacy customer engagement platforms sequester your valuable customer data within a proprietary, vendor-controlled black box, over which you have no control.

This constrains your ability to migrate away from a tool that no longer offers justifiable ROI, and forces you to succumb to aggressive sales tactics.


Vulnerable Customer Data

Legacy platforms necessitate a physical copy of your customer data to construct segments and orchestrate engagement campaigns.

The data duplication adds a significant vulnerability, especially for companies in regulated industries, thereby escalating the security and compliance risks for your business.

Unique features by design

Castled solves the pain points in tradition marketing tools with our unique features, we are able to offer because of our warehouse-native approach.

Unparalleled Data Security

Unparalleled Data Security

Your customer data does not leave the data warehouse, hence Castled is secure by design.

Data Consistency

Data Consistency

Castled considers the data warehouse as the source of truth. Your marketing tool is never out of sync.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Castled does not charge by the amount of customer data that gets stored. Pay for the real value you get out of Castled.

Unmatched Time to Value

Unmatched Time to Value

Customer Data is already sitting in your data warehouse. Get started in minutes not months.

Loved by customers and partners

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The future is composability and the customer engagement space is no different: I love what Castled is doing to bring warehouse-native to large scale B2C brands!
Ashish jha profile image1k logo

Alexander Dean

Co-Founder & CEO, Snowplow

I am very bullish on the warehouse native marketing stack Castled is building - I can say for sure that its the future.
Soumyadeb Mitra profile pictureRudderstack profile picture

Soumyadeb Mitra

Co-founder & CEO, Rudderstack

I never imagined we could power our high-volume push campaigns using our Snowflake cluster until we discovered Castled.
Yaron Levi profile imageYuviTal logo

Yaron Levi

Co-Founder & Chief Architect, YuviTal

We were collecting all sorts of customer intent data in our BigQuery - GA4, Facebook lead forms and more. Castled finally empowered us to leverage all this data for timely engagement.
Gourav Kumar profile imageInnocean logo

Gourav Kumar

Digital Media Manager, Innocean

Castled helped us save 70% on our customer engagement costs by eliminating the need to copy our customer data to a third-party, vendor-locked tool.
1k logoAshish jha profile image

Ashish Jha

Head of Growth & Partnerships, 1K

It took us years and a tonne of engineering resources to develop a Castled-like customer engagement platform at Myntra. Having access to Castled back then would have saved us a lot of time.
Abhinav Dasgupta profile picture

Abhinav Dasgupta

Ex Head - Customer Retention & CRM, Myntra

Be that visionary marketer, make every engagement count

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