We at Castled have always believed in having a data warehouse from day one. But the higher price-performance ratios provided by the existing cloud data warehouses make it nearly impossible for most organizations to have a data warehouse till they reach a particular stage. Postgres filled that void to an extent but was still very limited by the analytical capabilities it could offer.

We first met Hydra almost a year back when Castled and Hydra were part of the YCombinator Winter22 batch. One look at Hydra, and we realized that Hydra could finally be the solution to champion that vision of having a data warehouse from day one. Hydra is an open-source, vectorized, and columnar data warehouse built on Postgres.

Castled is a warehouse-native marketing automation tool built natively on top of modern data warehouses like Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, and Postgres. Castled helps businesses create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns using the customer 360 from their cloud data warehouses - No SQL knowledge, No data syncs required.

Today, we are stoked to join forces and add Hydra to our list of warehouses to support Hydra's vision of providing a scalable, cost-effective data warehouse for startups. With Castled, Hydra users can create dynamic user segments natively on Hydra and target them across different channels like Email, SMS, Push, In-App, etc.